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We act as Solution Integrator for the corporate market. In addition, to possess knowledge about the most varied technological solutions, providing the most appropriate solution through partnerships with the best international manufacturers of printing hardware, graphic software developers, applications and consultants specialized in customization to meet corporate needs.
The company acts as International Agent for SDI - Systems Development Inc. in Brazil and Latin America in the development of the corporate market with the commercialization of SDI graphics software and technical services.
The operational differential is the technical service structure of OXytech Tecnologia and our international partner that has a qualified and certified team to serve the most demanding vertical corporate markets in the world: Oil & Gas & Petroleum & Chemical, Geology, Geophysics, Mining, Engineering, Architecture, Publishing, Military Defense, Mapping, Automotive.
The professionals who make up the company have the experience of more than 20 years working in the information technology market in Brazil and abroad.
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