Printers & Plotters
Innovative developer and manufacturer of continuous thermal printers, color inkjet and colored LED plotters.
iSys provides state-of-the-art performance printers for oil and gas exploration, seismic data recording, well logging, geophysics, drilling, engineering and architectural consulting, aeronautical engineering, government agencies, newsprint, chemicals, graphic arts, and more.
Digital Label Plotters
Digital label printing facilitated.
iSys Label is the innovative developer and manufacturer of short to medium term digital label printers that provide color-coded labels after printing.
Media & Consumables
The use of media and qualified supplies on iSys printers ensures optimum performance.
The use of media and qualified supplies on iSys printers ensures optimum performance. ISys Media provides qualified media for each of the products. These consumables provide the best quality result, plus consistency, print after print compared to other media.
Graphic Softwares
SDI - Software, develops Softwares and graphical applications for Meta File format manipulation.
The company offers graphic solutions for Visualization, Editing, Image Manipulation, Conversion and Printing. These are solutions based on Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) technology for graphic printing processing and software development tool.
In addition to graphics solutions, format conversion, Unix IBM AIX, HP UX, SGI Irix, Linux Redhat, SUN Solaris and Windows NT / 2000 / XP.
IT Infrastructure Solutions
Customize your IT. MC Systems has been operating in the market since 2000, always creating dynamic and modern solutions aimed at the Cost-Benefit relationship.
They are solutions for companies - Renovation of equipment, development of sites, legalization of software, sale and implantation of Office365.
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